Whiskey Hill, a little speed work, and a big announcement!

Oak Barrel is comming up this Saturday and soon I will once again come face to face with Whiskey Hill…Dum, Dum, Dum.  I mean, the thing has its own facebook page and posts things like “I love ruining your spring” and “Pain! That is all.”  I am both super excited and a little bit intimidated.  Since its time to dig deep and say grrrrrrr, I have been deciding on my race day outfit and I think I have made a final decision!

race day outfit

M, is also going to have her high school drum line set up a cheer station at mile 12 and made a bunch of signs last night!  I can’t wait!!!!

In other news, my winter speed training group has its final meeting tonight and it is supposed to be another windy one.  We will be running a mile time trial in….wait for it…20+ mile per hour winds!  This will be the third super windy speed session so I should be used to it by now.  I can’t wait to see if I have improved my time this go round.  I will make sure to report back tomorrow!  I also found out that the running store will be offering another “speed session” this summer too!  Sign me up!

My announcement:

I think I have finally decided on a full for the fall.

And the winner is….

The Seven Bridges Marathon!

Time to start working on a training plan.