The Farmer’s Market is Open!

I LOVE the farmer’s market!  I count down the days until it opens each year and today was the day!   I am lucky to have a market solely dedicated to local farmers.  The merchants have to have grown or made the product themselves in order to sell it.

I unexpectedly had the morning off so I took advantage of the opportunity and headed out the door with my Chico bags in tow ready to go buy lots of yummy produce.  (No compensation, I just really like their product).  The market was also offering a free class on container gardening this morning which was awesome!  The speaker was a certified master gardener who was entertaining and led a great class.  I can’t wait for my seeds to sprout so I can start growing.

Now for the good part, the produce.  I came home with two kinds of lettuce, Siberian kale, and Asian green of which I cannot remember the name, pea shoots, and strawberries.