Staying Motivated When The New Wears Off

Can you believe it is already February?


The Christmas credit card bills are coming in and Valentines Day is just around the corner. The store shelves are stocked with all things Chocolate and it’s cold and gray outside. This is the time of year that we are all tempted to curl up on the couch with some comfort food and skip the gym.


February is also the month that many of those get fit New Years Resolutions fall to the wayside. Don’t let that happen to you! Here are a few tips to keep you motivated when all you really want to do is curl up with a box of chocolate and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reruns TV.


Pick up the latest issue of your favorite fitness Magazine
For me that would be Fitness RX but anything that gets you motivated is fine.


Download a fitness podcast
There are too many to count! A few good ones are:
The Runner Girls Podcast
The Jillian Michaels Podcast
The Nutrition Diva
Fat to Fit Radio
Get Fit Guy


Sign up for a 5k
Sign up and train for a local race. Checkout for races in your area. Bonus points if there is a medal involved!


Hire a personal trainer
I will let you in on a little secret. February should be called national gym membership cancelation month! Many gyms see a drop in clientele who have given up on their New Years resolutions. As a result, many gyms offer specials on Personal trainers during the months of February and March. Keep an eye out for these specials and take advantage of them!


Have a pantry makeover day
If there are cookies in my house, I will eat them. If there are oranges in my house, I will eat them. Do you see my point? Go through your pantry and get rid of the junk food. Either throw it out, or if it’s unopened, donate it to the local food pantry.
Once all of the junk is gone, keep healthy snacks like apples, and oranges out on the counter and have healthy grab and go foods like low fat string cheese in the fridge.


Get a workout buddy
Nothing will get you more motivated to get out of bed and to the gym than the fear of letting someone else down. Enlist a friend or coworker to meet you at the gym before or after work to get your fitness on. Simply having a partner in pain crime will get you motivated.


Try something new
Feel like you are stuck in a rut? Grab your fitness buddy and try out a new class like Zumba, Body Pump, or Yoga. Try a new running route or try running your regular running route backward (trust me, it’s freaky). Always been a road runner? Take it to the trails. Find your sense of adventure and mix it up!


Use an incentive chart
Do you remember back in elementary school when you got stickers for good behavior? No matter how old you get, stickers will always make you smile. Plan out your weekly workouts and tape them to your bathroom mirror. Give yourself a sticker each time you finish, I did this when training for my first half marathon. I drew a smiley on days I completed my training and a frowny face on the days I didn’t. There were many days that the only reason I made myself go run was so I didn’t have to draw that frowny face.


Stickers not your thing? Then there must be something wrong with you. You can motivated yourself with a pounds to go/pounds lost jar like this one I found with a quick google search.


Image Source


Or you can pay yourself $1 for each 30 minute workout. Keep it in a piggy bank and when you have saved enough, treat yourself to some new gym clothes.


Don’t give up on those fitness goals!