Speed Work Week 3

For our latest speed work session the board of education decided we could no longer use the local high school track and we were forced to move to a local soccer complex.  First of all, can I just say that running on grass is hard work!  Especially if you have absolutely no shade and the heat index is 101!  

The plan was to run 8 400m repeats and I was supposed to keep my times around 2:35.  I took off for the first lap and ran a 2:09…oops.  The next three were within range but after the fourth I had to sit one out.  The heat was killer and I had that sudden cold (about to pass out) feeling.  You can imagine what happened next.  Each lap was successively slower and I ended with a 2:58.

This week’s speed work was moved to today because Thursday is July 4th and the agenda is hill repeats and 200m repeats.  Hopefully this time around I will be able to pace myself a little better.

In other news, I WON a giveaway on The Hungry Runner blog!  Not just any giveaway either.  I won an entire head to toe running outfit from Brooks!  This is great because I need new shoes and I can’t wait to try out the Infinity run shorts!  I haven’t heard from Brooks yet but I will definitely have to post a photo of my new outfit when I get it!