Smoothie Sunday – Blueberry C-boost

Get on Pinterest and you will see smoothie after smoothie, blended to perfection, in someone’s Vitamix.  Well, like the majority of the world, I don’t have a Vitamix.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally want one, but just can’t seem to justify spending $500 when I have a blender that does an adequate job (then again, you are talking to the girl who still uses a 2nd generation iPod).

Instead of mourning over the fact that I can’t afford the blender of my dreams I decided to bring a healthy, great tasting, and completely blendable, smoothie to the rest of the world!

Start by pouring 1 cup of your juice of choice into the blender.  I used this one:


Next, add a hand full of baby spinach.

Top with 1/2 of frozen blueberries and get blending.

I like to give the blender a few seconds to break down the spinach before adding ice cubes.  The ice both thickens the smoothie and helps to further break down the spinach. Viola!

The Blueberry C-boost Smoothie