I’m Having One Of Those Days

Today has been one of those days.


You know, the days where every little thing goes wrong.


Today I:

  • Rushed out the door without my lunch
  • Had to deal with a small student crisis during my first class
  • Went out into the pouring rain to buy my lunch, stepped into an ankle deep puddle with not one, but both feet
  • Had to constantly shuffle my after school teaching schedule because I have several students who went home sick


Basically, today gave me a choice.  I could get upset or I could just laugh about the whole day and move on.


I chose to laugh and look on the bright side.

  • I am writing this during a student slot that I couldn’t fill
  • I am wearing my new (dry) socks I bought at Walgreens
  • I ate a very tasty lunch of fried chicken, green beans, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, and blackberry cobbler that I bought at a meat and three down the street


Don’t judge.  I deserve comfort food today 🙂