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The Coffee Marathon

The Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation department put together an awesome event as a way to get people active, explore local businesses, and do something they thought was impossible: Run a marathon (one leg at a time).

The idea is brilliant really!  The Coffee Marathon consists of 7 legs that total 26.2 miles; each leg starting and ending at a local coffee or tea shop.  After you complete the leg, the coffee shop signs your “coffee passport” and once you have completed all 7 legs you get a finisher’s Coffee cup made by great local artisans.

coffee marathon mug

coffee marathon mug bottom

M and I completed the race over several weekends  doing one or two legs at a time and had a blast!  I love that it moved me out of my running comfort zone and into neighborhoods I have never explored.





I had a blast and really hope they are planning on recreating the event next year!



Did you complete The Coffee Marathon?


Does your community offer anything like it?


Marathon in 2014?

After my 2012 overuse injury, my 2013 goal was to stick to shorter races and get through the year injury free.  I am happy to report that it was a success and while I ran numerous races, none of them were further than a half marathon…well except for Relay Rutherford and Ragnar…but I digress.

I have decided that I am ready to go for another full this year but I can’t seem to decide on one.  I do have a specific set of criteria:

  1. It must have a 7 hour time limit.  The two that I have run so far were 6:40 and 6:50 and while I know I am a stronger runner now, I also respect the distance and know anything could happen.
  2. It has to be between the months of June and Decemer.  Any earlier and I don’t think I would be trained properly.
  3. It needs to be within driving distance.  I have a trip to New York planned this summer and more airfare is simply not in the budget.

So now it is time to use these criteria to find the race for me.  I have a few that I am already considering:






Clearly the Nashville Marathon is speaking to me but that time limit really scares me.   I am going to see what my times are for the next few halfs and talk to my coach to see if might just be able to pull it off.

Have you ever attempted a race that you really weren’t sure you could conquer?