A Walk In The Park

215 down 1,799 to go!

When work gets overwhelming, sometimes I just need to escape.  I found myself in just that situation last week.  I usually go for a nice long run, but since this is a cutback week after Saturday’s half marathon, I leashed up the dog and headed out to a local park to get in a nice long walk instead. The park I frequent has both paved walking trails and unpaved hiking trails and is so serene that you almost forget you are in the city.  Getting outside and experiencing nature allows me to sort through all of the thoughts jumbled up in my head and by the end of my walk everything seems so much better.  How can it not with views like these:







 Do you have a favorite place to unwind?

This Week’s Training

Monday – 4.5 miles
Tuesday – 4 mile fartlek
Wednesday – aerial yoga
Thursday – 5 miles (7 x 400)
Friday – 4.25 miles
Saturday – 6 miles
Sunday – Rest