Monthly Archives: May 2018

The Farmer’s Market is Open!!!!!

My local farmer’s market opened today!  I have been counting down the days, waiting for fresh produce and today it finally arrived. We take the count down to opening day seriously in this house.  Two years ago M even made me a countdown calendar shaped like an ear of corn.

Our CSA share starts back up this week too!  I am so ready for 24 weeks of fresh produce.  I love the adventure of discovering what is in each weekly box and then planning our meals around what is in season.  It also doesn’t hurt that it allows me to spend considerably less time in the grocery store.

Now, for this week’s market purchases!  Greens and strawberries are the main crops in season right now and I didn’t get to the market early enough to buy strawberries but I scored this beautiful Swiss chard, some local honey, and a few plants that will eventually turn into poblano peppers and Cherokee purple tomatoes.

We are making a brisket this weekend that we bought from a local farmer and will serve it up with some roasted rosemary sweet potatoes from last fall’s CSA and sauteed chard from today’s market.  I can’t wait!

Until next time, Happy eating!