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30 Day Walking Challenge Check In

Can you believe we are already a third of the way through our 30 day walking challenge?


I chose to back down to the beginner plan since I broke my foot but here is my progress so far:


Day 1 2000 5174
Day 2 2500 6244
Day 3 3000 5598
Day 4 3500 6641
Day 5 4000 6773
Day 6 4500 7633
Day 7 Rest 6344
Day 8 4500 5382
Day 9 4500 6782
Day 10 5000 6689



How is your challenge going?

Goals for 2016

I’m not doing New Year’s resolutions.  My favorite yoga instructor used to always say: “it is only a goal, we have the rest of our lives to achieve it.”  To resolve to do anything this year is just too much of a commitment, so I’m setting goals for 2016 instead.    So bam…some goals with no set date for completion!



  • Get my fitness back – in other words “not feel like a slug when I run


  • Read at least 25 books this year – ok, so this one has an actual date but I always do the Goodreads reading challenge and last year I surpassed my goal of 20 books so I am upping the ante…I will gladly take suggestions!


  • Do at least one fun thing a week – The fun kind of fell out of my life so I’m bringing it back!  Fun things could be geocaching, family game night, have a cup of coffee (in an actual coffee shop…not in the car on the way to my next appointment), go for a hike, etc.


  • Run a 10 minute mile trial – my fastest to date was 10:19 and I am going to get that 10 minute mile if its the last thing I do!


  • Create and stick to a budget – I am a pretty responsible spender and saver but I am pretty sure I could save more.


  • Blog again – Bam!  You are reading this so I can check that one off!  Seriously though, I’m going to try to do better.


  • Run fewer races – yes, I realize this is an odd goal but for the past few years, I ran so many races that running became more of a chore than fun.


  • Get back into yoga – My favorite yoga studio closed so I started doing a few classes at the Y.  Then, the Y closed.  I want to bring yoga back into my life whether it is in a studio, a gym, or a simple home practice.


Those are my goals for the time being…What are yours?

Any book recommendations?