Monthly Archives: August 2015

Sometimes Change Is Good

As human beings, we often run kicking and screaming from any sudden change.  We like routine and we try to avoid anything that threatens our normalcy, but sometimes change is a good thing.  God knows I have been through many sudden changes lately – one of the many reasons I haven’t had a new blog post in almost 4 months.


After several years of preparation and planning, I was finally ready to stop renting and buy a home, but with a sudden job change, buying a house seemed impossible.  I had given up on the idea altogether when suddenly, the stars aligned and I was house hunting.  Unfortunately, I was house hunting in a competitive market.  I found a house I fell in love with, made an offer well above asking, and was certain it was mine…I didn’t get it.  A couple of days later, completely discouraged, I looked at a house I had no interest in whatsoever, and fell in love!


Next came the stresses of moving.  If you have ever moved, you know exactly what I mean.  I read an article once that said that the three most stressful events in our lives are death, divorce, and moving….and they weren’t kidding.


Once we moved and got settled I was sure life was going to finally return to normal.  Then, one Thursday night, I got an email saying that they were closing our YMCA.  This news was devastating.  The Y was my home, my community.  I have been a member of the Y for the past 8 years.  To me, and many others, it is more than a gym.  It was the place that changed my life.  I lost weight, I got healthy, and I made many, many friends.  The next day, the Y was filled with a cloud of gloom and despair.  Everyone was upset with this sudden news and mourning the soon to be loss of their community.


The next thing on my agenda was to find a new gym.  I looked at all of my options and discovered that my health insurance offers a program that allows you to join a number of select gyms for only $30 per month…significantly less than I had been paying at the Y.  Their list included the other big gym in my area as well as any YMCA.  This new program also allows me to go to other gyms throughout Tennessee Since my work puts me in four different areas each week, I now have many new options.  Luckily, the two main facilities that I plan on using are the same ones that many of my YMCA friends and instructors have moved to so I still get to see them often!


As humans, we approach change with caution and resistance, but sometimes its a good thing.  Sometimes we just have to let go and trust that things will work out…they usually do.