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Surviving The Treadmill Run

The ice storm that was dumped on Tennessee last week pretty much shut the state down.  Schools closed, businesses closed, government offices closed – mail delivery even stopped.  Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night  apparently didn’t include ice storms!  Luckily, as the roads began to thaw, many gyms offered limited hours.  We all have had cabin fever but I was luckily enough to hit the Y during its four hour open window to get in a run.  I hate running on the dreadmill but unfortunately when faced with treadmill vs. fall on the ice and possibly break a hip, I will take the dreaded treadmill every time.

The trick to surviving a treadmill run is to avoid boredom.  I know, I know, much easier said than done but hopefully these tips will help!


Have some good running tunes

Cranking up the tunes can help drown out the sounds of the gym and possibly pump you up to run faster.  Running faster = less time on the dreadmill.


Mix up the workout

I find running on the treadmill is much more enjoyable if I have something to keep my brain active.  I use my dreadmill time to do hill repeats, ladder workouts, or speed intervals.  Thinking about what is coming next keeps me from thinking about how long I have been running nowhere.


The dreaded long run

I have a friend who ran 16 miles on a treadmill this weekend because outside conditions were too dangerous to run in (running on an inch of solid ice is more ice skating than running anyway).  First of all, she is way cooler than me!  I could never make it that far.  8 miles has been my limit so far, but if you must go long, have a plan to keep you from going completely nutso!  If you can read on the treadmill, try a good book (or audiobook if you can’t), put on a movie, or my favorite (and the plan that got me through 8 miles) is make a game of it.  If you have to do 15 miles at the gym, do five miles and switch to another treadmill.  Do 5 more and then switch again.  This technique gives you both a change of scenery and a sneaky way to bypass the gym’s time limit rule!


When all else fails, suck it up and know that in a few months it will be sunny and warm, and we will be complaining about the heat – Hey! You gotta have something to complain about!


How do you survive the dreadmill?

What is the longest distance you have ever done?

8 Ways To Stay Active This Valentines Day

Candy, dinner, dessert, champagne…..those Valentines Day calories can really add up. I know, I know, it’s only one day, but if you want to spend some quality time with your sweetie and derail some of those calories, read on!


Sign up for a Valentines Day race

Cozy up at the start line of a Valentines Day themed race.  You can run together or make it a competition – just be sure to agree on which it is before the race starts.

To find a list of Valentines Day races, check out Running In The USA.

Go for a Hike
Find a local hiking trail and go for a nature walk. Enjoy the peace and quiet of being surrounded by nature. Try a trail you have never taken before for a new sense of adventure and end the hike with a romantic picnic.

Never been hiking before? Start with the nearest state park. Most state parks offer a variety of hiking trails ranging from easy to difficult. Call ahead or ask at the information center for a good trail for beginners.

Take a fitness class together
Convince your honey to go to the gym and take a fitness class together. Be adventurous and try Zumba – have fun shaking your shimmy together. Can’t get him to a dance fitness class, try Body Pump. Lifting weights is manly after all.

Go dancing
Hit the dance club or sign up for tango lessons. Nothing is more romantic than learning the dance of love!

Go ice skating
If you know me, you are probably laughing at this suggestion, but if you are coordinated (unlike me), ice skating is a great way to burn calories and have a blast! If, like me, you are seriously lacking in coordination, move on to the next one because nothing is romantic about spending the evening in the ER with a concussion.

Go for a walk in the park
No matter what your age or level of fitness, this one is for everyone! Pack a picnic for a romantic lunch to go along with your walk.

Take a couples yoga class
Check your local yoga studio schedule. Many studios offer couples yoga weekly and even if they don’t, many offer a Valentines class.

Get a message
A couples message is a great way to spend some time together indulging yourselves without all the sugar of a decadent dessert. Massage not in the budget? Light a few candles and give each other a good back rub.

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with eating a piece or two of chocolate. Just don’t eat the whole box at once. Pack a piece in your lunch each day as a treat to remind you of the one you love.

Oh, and don’t forget the evening – ahem – festivities. That burns calories too!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?