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I conqured the Triathlon

Oh look!  I remembered I have a blog.  Life has a funny way of turning you upside down and shaking you by your ankles.  This summer, after much contemplation, I decided to leave higher education (for a variety of personal and professional reasons).  So I resigned from my position at the university and after thinking “now what?” for a few weeks, I decided to open my very own arts academy.  Unfortunately, that meant I had to abandon my own blog in order to write a business plan, find a location for the school, interview teachers, design and develop marketing materials, and learn how to build a website.  Well, after many hours of wanting to pull my hair out hard work, it is all finally coming together and I finally have time to sit down and tell you about the triathlon.  Oh, and if you want to check out my new business and the website I had to learn how to build feel free to check out Middle Tennesssee Arts Academy!

I went up the night before to drop my bike off and attend the beginner’s meeting for the Girls-tri-it-on triathlon.

tri bike

And I decided exactly how I was going to lay out my gear.

tri gear

The morning of the race I got up bright and early to head to the start line.

tri morning

I got in line to get my body markings…which took three days to get off by the way.

body marking

Waiting in line to get into the pool, I really felt like I might throw up.  What was I thinking when I signed up?

pool wait

Once in the water, my mantra became “get through the swim”


Several people passed me but then, it thinned out and I somehow managed to backstroke my way to the swim finish.

Then it was on to the bike.


I was on my mountain bike, on a rather hilly course, and many people on road bikes (that cost as much as my car) were passing me right and left, but I kept on going.  At one point I saw another girl get off her bike and walk it up one of the hills and I must admit, I almost joined her!

And finally the run.


The run is where I finally started passing people, instead of being the one passed.  The water stops used The Water Bag, which is really cool.  It is exactly what it sounds like, a bag of water.  You bite off the corner and drink it down.

I finished! 30 minutes faster than I thought I would.


Enjoyed some post race watermelon.


And it turns out I came in third in my division….my first ever podium!

tri podium

After all the worries, I had a blast and will definitely do another!