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The Self Magazine Tutu Scandal

By now, you have probably already heard about the SELF magazine BS meter faux pas involving a cancer survivor running in a tutu.  In case you have been stranded on a desert island, SELF magazine printed a picture of two women running in tutus, proclaiming the practice as “lame.”  Well, it turns out one of those fabulous women was Monika Allen, a cancer survivor (who was going through chemo at the time of the photo) who sells tutus through Glam Runner and gives the proceeds to Girls on the Run (a charity that encourages girls in the 3rd through 8th grade to get out and get active).

self tutu article

When I saw the news I was furious and I knew I needed to give myself time to process this “Lame” act by SELF magazine before writing about it.  Had I blogged about it the day the news broke, I would have written a bitter and angry diatribe about how everyone should cancel their subscriptions and hopefully send SELF into bankruptcy.

I’m really glad I didn’t write that article.  SELF magazine has issued an apology and blatantly admitted “we messed up” and have discontinued their BS Meter page.  Many skeptics out there are claiming that they only issued the apology as a financial ploy to keep subscribers and this may be the case (hey, that’s just good business practice).  My question is: why would anyone find it acceptable to bash someone who is trying to get fit or stay active in the first place.

There is a man who has recently started running in my neighborhood.  I see him often when I am out with my dog and a few weeks ago my dog (who was irritated that we were walking instead of running) tried to go run with him.  I quickly gained control of my 86 pound dog and apoligized to the man, explaining that Moose wanted to run with him.  The man looked at me and said “Run” in air quotations.  I hear people talk about how they are not “real runners” and I beg to ask the questions “What is a real runner?”  Is it a Boston qualifier, a cancer survivor who runs in a tutu, or the overweight guy huffing and puffing trying to get down the street?  They all are!  I doub’t I would ever be able to qualify for Boston; I can’t imaginge running a half marathon while undergoing chemo; and to the overweight guy running down the street…I was you.  I know that you are working harder than I am just to get around the block.

So maybe we shouldn’t judge.  If running in a tutu makes you happy, do it!  If running in a skirt makes you feel better about how you look, do it!  Don’t be ashamed.  At mile 25, that crazy guy yelling “go tutu girl!” may be exactly what you need to get through that last 1.2 miles!


What are your thoughts?

Have you ever run in a tutu?


I have!

halloween tutu

The Coffee Marathon

The Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation department put together an awesome event as a way to get people active, explore local businesses, and do something they thought was impossible: Run a marathon (one leg at a time).

The idea is brilliant really!  The Coffee Marathon consists of 7 legs that total 26.2 miles; each leg starting and ending at a local coffee or tea shop.  After you complete the leg, the coffee shop signs your “coffee passport” and once you have completed all 7 legs you get a finisher’s Coffee cup made by great local artisans.

coffee marathon mug

coffee marathon mug bottom

M and I completed the race over several weekends  doing one or two legs at a time and had a blast!  I love that it moved me out of my running comfort zone and into neighborhoods I have never explored.





I had a blast and really hope they are planning on recreating the event next year!



Did you complete The Coffee Marathon?


Does your community offer anything like it?