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A day in the life of me

A few days ago I wrote  a somewhat whiny post about not having a lot of time.  That same day, I was scrolling through facebook and saw a rather profound status that one of my former students put out there.  Hmmm, profound facebook status….is that an oxymoron?

Anyway, I digress, the quote was “you can always find time to do the things you love.”  There is a certain amount of truth in this statement.  I often hear things like:

“I’m too busy”

“I don’t have enough time”

“I am too tired”

I will admit, a few, if not all of those statements have come out of my mouth but this time around I am determined to run 2 half marathons and Ragnar, all within a five week time period and not get injured!  In order to do this successfully I have to train, and in order to train, I have to make time.  Trust me folks, if I can make time, you can too!

extra long day

Therefore I bring to you a day in the life of me!   FYI, my schedule changes daily, so this is my typical Wednesday

5:15 am – get up, get dressed, grab breakfast and head out the door (breakfast is eaten in the car)

6:30 am – get to my office and practice for an hour (I have a recital coming up in a little over a month)

7:30 am – check email, review for class, get together teaching materials

8:00 am – 10:20 am – teach three back to back classes

12:00 pm – yoga class

1:00 pm – eat lunch while driving to Nashville

1:45-5:45 pm – teach  8 private students

5:45 pm – eat a snack while driving home

6:45 pm – get home, take the dog out for a short run

7:15 pm – shower, make dinner, eat (I even caught the new episode of Duck Dynasty while eating)

9:00 pm – make lunch for tomorrow, get the coffee pot ready for the morning, pack tomorrows gym bag, lay out work clothes

10:00 pm – go to bed so I can do it all over again tomorrow


Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining here.  I love my job and I feel blessed to make a living doing something I love.  I am simply making a point (mostly to myself) that I can indeed make time to train even though most people would find my work schedule ridiculous.

Do you have any tips for fitting it all in?

Mine are to plan ahead and stick to a schedule

My love hate relationship with hill work

This past week’s hill repeats sucked, were awesome, and kicked my butt all at once.  As you can see I have mixed emotions about hill work.  I know that hills are my weakness and nothing causes me to start sucking wind faster than a hill.  I also know I need to run hills, and I do, but still have lots of trouble with them.

This last week we went back to the same hill we ran this summer.

Remember this?

hill fleet feet

The workout was similar to the one we did last time:

2 hill repeats – 10 squats

2 hill repeats – 10 lunges each leg

2 hill repeats – jump squats

2 hill repeats – duck walks

2 hill repeats – 10 push ups

2 hill repeats – 10 speed skaters

2 hill repeats – something else (I was dying by this point)


8 hill repeats

The last time we did this workout, I was only able to run one repeat on the last four and only got through four of the repeats at the end  instead of 8.  This time however, I did the whole thing!  It wasn’t pretty, but I finished.  We ended the workout with a couple of pickups and some stretching and core work.

Now, on to the next day…I was so sore I thought I was going to die!  I stretched and used the evil instruments of torture


Then, I ran 9 miles on Saturday and mowed my lawn….big mistake.  My left quad was so sore I had to skip Sunday’s run and take an unplanned rest day on Monday.   I ran with the group on Tuesday and am finally feeling back to normal.  Just in time for more speed work (8 X 400 meter repeats)


How do you feel about hill repeats?

To sum up my love hate relationship

.Hill repeats