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Speed work week 2

For our second speed session we were divided into two groups and given the following:

2 X 800

2 X 600

2 X 400

all with a 200m recovery.

Although I felt like I was going to die pass out at the end of each distance I felt pretty accomplished when all was said and done!

800m Goal time: 5:37    Actual times: 5:05 and 5:07

600m Goal time: 4:06    Actual times: 3:33 and 4:04

400m Goal time: 2:36    Actual times: 2:34 and 2:31

Have you every done speed work?

   This is my first time.

How do you feel about speed work?


Fired Up N Fit

This post should have been up last week but something happened and the upload failed.  All of the photos were taken from the Fired Up N Fit Facebook page.  Enjoy!

This past weekend I ran my first adventure race.  I had been going back and forth on whether or not to run it for a couple of weeks.  It seemed a little pricey for such a small race and it was the weekend before San Francisco so questions like “should I really spend the money?” and “What if I turn my ankle or something?” kept going through my head.  I decided to just go for it!

This is the first time I have ever done race day registration and I was a little nervous.  Last year they had 150 participants and once again my mind was plagued with questions such as ” What if I Can’t do the obstacles?” or worse, “What if I am the last person on the course, get lost, and hurt myself?”  M assured me that she would stay with me and once we got there and I saw the giant line of people at registration my mind was put at ease.  This year they had over 600 participants!

The course was 5k and M and I think we counted 17 obstacles.  I was so caught up in the excitement that I can’t remember everything but I will do my best.

They were releasing the participants in groups of around 20 to keep the course from getting too congested and we were toward the front in the 5th group to go.  The fire engine horn sounded and we were off.  The first obstacle was up and down three flights of stairs and then crawl through a confined space tunnel.  The tunnel was pretty big but there was one narrow section about two feet long connecting two larger tunnels.  I climbed in head first but couldn’t get my leg through the other side so I tried turning sideways…BIG MISTAKE! Now I was really stuck.  My friend came back to help and I got one leg out but lost my balance getting the other leg out and kind of fell out into the larger tunnel.  Off to a great start!

Next we ran into the woods and encountered a 12 foot wall.  I am not so comfortable with heights so this one was a little scary for me.  I climbed up and froze.  A very nice volunteer talked me over and down the wall though.


I look like I am smiling but I am pretty sure it is really a grimace of fear!

Next we climbed through giant spider webbing and came to a rope.  The point of the obstacle was to swing “Tarzan” style over about 5 feet of water.  I was a little more “George of the Jungle,” forgot to let go of the rope and swung directly into a tree (hangs head in shame).  

Next we came to a creek and had to balance on a log to cross it.

M rocked this obstacle!

Some of the other obstacles were


A hay bale pyramid


Two very long mud trails (the kind that will take your shoe off…yes, I learned the hard way)



A 90 foot slip n slide!  Best obstacle ever!

We finished with a crawl through the mudpit


And were greeted with a very fancy shower


I will definitely do this one again!

Have any of you every run and obstacle race?

What are your favorites?