Monthly Archives: May 2013

Its been awhile

Sorry I have been absent lately.  A little over two weeks ago my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer and last week he underwent surgery to have his entire colon removed.  So life has gotten in the way of my blog.  The good news…he is recovering better than expected and they got all of the cancer!

In the meantime, I managed to get myself another PR!  I had signed up to run a 5K memorial day weekend in Knoxville.  I really didn’t have any intentions as far as time was concerned.  I decided to take it slow in the first mile and see how I felt.  The first mile went well so I pushed through the second and third and bested my previous PR by 8 seconds (and this was a hilly course while my previous time was on a flat course). This gives me hope since I will be running San Francisco in two weeks.

In other news, I have signed up for summer speed sessions with my local Fleet Feet store and my one mile time trial (which will be brutally slow compared to the other runners) is next week so wish me luck!

Has anyone else done training with their local running store?  (This one will be my first)

The Farmer’s Market is Open!

I LOVE the farmer’s market!  I count down the days until it opens each year and today was the day!   I am lucky to have a market solely dedicated to local farmers.  The merchants have to have grown or made the product themselves in order to sell it.

I unexpectedly had the morning off so I took advantage of the opportunity and headed out the door with my Chico bags in tow ready to go buy lots of yummy produce.  (No compensation, I just really like their product).  The market was also offering a free class on container gardening this morning which was awesome!  The speaker was a certified master gardener who was entertaining and led a great class.  I can’t wait for my seeds to sprout so I can start growing.

Now for the good part, the produce.  I came home with two kinds of lettuce, Siberian kale, and Asian green of which I cannot remember the name, pea shoots, and strawberries.