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Recess Run and a New PR!

Last Thursday I unexpectedly had the afternoon off and decided to go for a short run at the battlefield.  Running in the middle of the afternoon on a school day was awesome!  It was 60 degrees outside and I felt like I was getting a recess!  I haven’t run the battlefield in a while so I was very surprised when I came up on this.


They have put up wooden cut out of civil war soldiers.  From a distance and through the trees they look very real!  I also saw a couple of deer crossing the path.  


One of them stayed around to watch me run.


And I did a little trail running

I was only planning on doing 2-3 miles but ended up running a little over 4.

Two days later was the special kids 15K.  It was my first 15K race so naturally it was a PR!  I was hoping to run at a 13:20 pace.  My average half marathon pace is between a 13:30 and 14:00 and I would really like to get to a 13 before the San Francisco Half.

I started out conservatively running with a 2:1 interval and was feeling good.  I noticed a couple of twinges in my foot but after the first couple of miles they went away.  I slowly started increasing my pace during the running intervals (making sure I was breathing comfortably) and keeping my walk intervals around a 15 minute mile.  I took a GU around 45 minutes in and kept going.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a second GU and my legs really noticed around mile 8.  The last mile was tough but I finished strong with a time of 2 hours 4 minutes, a 13:10 pace!  All in all it was a great run for a great cause!


What is Special Kids?

This is from their website:

Special Kids is a Christian, nonprofit organization that provides therapeutic rehabilitation and professional nursing services to children with special needs.  We opened our doors in 1998 in Murfreesboro, TN, and started with just one child. Since then, Special Kids has served over 2,000 children from 11 different counties in middle Tennessee.

We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, feeding therapy, nursing services, recreational therapy, art therapy, and a summer day camp. We serve children with special needs ages birth to 21 years who have been referred to our organization by a physician.

Week in review

My foot was pretty sore after the Tom King Half and I have a 15K coming up this weekend so I decided to take it easy this past week as far as running was concerned.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Run/Walk (with a lot of walk!) 2 miles, 30 minute strength circuit with my trainer, and a power yoga class

Wednesday – Yoga

Thursday – 2 mile St. Patrick’s day fun run with fleet feet .  It was freezing cold with rain and sleet but still fun…nothing like getting pelted in the face with ice pellets to make you run faster!  Afterward we went to Your Pie for pizza.  They were having a pi day special, all pizzas $3.14!a

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Biked along with my friend on her 15 mile long run