Monthly Archives: August 2012

Weekend Long Run

This weekend was my first attempt at a long run since beginning physical therapy.  The Women’s Half is looming and if I am going to do the race I have to get back into the swing of things.  My goal was six miles and I DID IT!  I started with a 10 min walking warm up followed by 1 min run 1 min walk intervals and ended with a 3/4 mile cool down (6 miles total).  I averaged a 16 min. mile pace which is frustrating but I am happy to say I was little stiff but relatively pain free!  I am working on coming to terms with the slower pace but as long as I can do the distance, I know my pace will improve with time.

Farmer’s Market Day

I love the farmer’s market!  Table after table of colorful fruits and veggies waiting to come home with me so I can transform them into yummy food and I love to experiment with new veggies.


Nothing new today but the cabbage is bigger than my head!



The peach cobbler bread from The Cozy Cottage Bakery was awesome with a cup of Irish breakfast tea.