Thoughts from my last half marathon

Mile 1: This is AWESOME!  I am so glad my hip got better in time to run this race

Mile 2: I am a total rockstar! I LOVE running!

Mile 3: Uh Oh….I hope I didn’t go out too fast

Mile 4: I’m getting kind of tired…maybe I could slow down a little

Mile 5: Definitely went out to fast

Mile 6: My feet hurt

Mile 7: Keep going….constant forward motion

Mile 8:  Gummy bears at mile 10…you can do this

Mile 9: Who put weight watchers in charge of the fuel station? I WANT CANDY!

Mile 10:  GUMMY BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mile 11: This sucks

Mile 12: Ok, maybe I really needed more than 3 weeks to train

Mile 13: Why is that freakin’ .1 soooooooo far?!?!

Finish Line:  Wahoo! Ragnar in 2 weeks!

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