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Triathlon training: Tri-ing not to drown, crash, or trip!

Since I registered for the triathlon, I have come up with many reasons this was a bad idea.

1.  I can’t swim

2. I am afraid to take my hands off of the bike handle bars

3. Running – I got that…or so I thought.

 snoopy tri

Swimming:  I have trouble putting my face in the water when I swim.  I have spent lots of time working on this skill.  I can now officially do something that resembles swimming (with my face in the water) for about 25 meters.  The problem – I have to swim 200 meters.  I am going to keep practicing and hopefully get better, but in the mean time, my solution is:  freestyle as long as I can – then switch up the stroke (side stroke, breast stroke, back stroke, etc.)  I have successfully traversed the water for 200m several times so at least I know I can do it.

Biking:  I can bike six miles…slowly.  I have a mountain bike so the bike portion is going to be slow in general.  The issue is I am afraid to take my hands off the handle bars.  In the past, when I needed to take a drink, I pulled the bike over and got water but this is not really and option on race day.  I have been practicing using my water bottle while on the bike and am proud to report that I have successfully achieved this task three whole times (which is three times more than last week).

Running:  Its only a mile – I have run 20 half marathons and 2 full marathons – no problem right?  Well, I have found that running right after getting off the bike is not as easy as one would think.  My run is not going to be as fast as I would have hoped.


My goal for this triathlon: Tri not to drown, Tri not to crash, Tri not to trip!