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Speed Work – Week 1

Since I am trying to get my running fitness back after my epic two month break, I am incorporating 1 weekly speed workout in each week.


This week was a tough one because I had several extra appointments scheduled into my week and the only time I could squeeze in a little speed work was at 6:00 am (because let’s face it, I won’t do it after work). It’s still pitch black outside that early so I sucked it up and hit the dreadmill.


I had just over an hour to get in and out of the gym so I planned out a 35 minute workout and tried to make it really count. The workout was a fartlek run with progressive 2 minute intervals. The workout below is my current pace but it can easily be adjusted to be slower or faster.




It seriously kicked my butt – but in a good way. I left the gym feeling energized and accomplished. The best part – after work, I can collapse onto the couch because I already got my workout out of the way.


Do you prefer to workout in the morning or the evening?


What is your favorite speed workout?

Mile Time Trial and a Garden Update

We had the mile time trial at speed work last night and I was really hoping for a 10 minute mile but not really expecting it.  I haven’t slept much this week and it was crazy windy so when I discovered I had finished the mile at a 10:19 pace I was ok with that!  This was my third round of speed training with Fleet Feet and my first mile time was 11:27; I managed to get it to 10:40 and now to 10:19 so reducing my mile time by a total of 1 minute 8 seconds is not half bad.  One of these days though, I will beak 10!

Courtesy of the all the rain we have been getting, my garden is finally starting to grow!

Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, and my awesome flower sprinkler!

broccoli and brussel sprouts





Beets…look very closely…its there:


I also have onions, spinach, cabbage, and kale!



Have you had gardening success?


What is your goal mile time?