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I Have A Big Announcement!

I am sure that many of you, like me, were a little sad when you found out that Competitor was canceling the Women’s Half Marathon series.  After talking to reps from Competitor last year, I learned that several of the events were not doing very well and they decided to cancel the entire series and regroup.  Nashville always had a big turnout for the Women’s event and I sent up many little prayers that it would return this year but alas….it didn’t.


Enter  The ZOOMA Women’s Race Series.  I didn’t know much about this event at first but the more I learned about it, the more I liked it, and the more I wanted to be a part of it.  I think the ZOOMA series will bring back a women’s race that is even better!


directly from their website:

ZOOMA is unique among other women’s races in that it is literally “run by women” (pun intended!)  ZOOMA’s Founder and Executive Director is a woman, mother, and runner, and the staff are all women.  Our primary goal is to execute events that cater to the real needs and wants of women runners.


Reasons I am excited about ZOOMA!

  • The race is capped at 3,000 participants.  I think a smaller race like this one brings a lot of charm that is simply not possible with a 30,000+ runner race.
  • The time limit is 3.5 hours which makes it very walker friendly at a 16 minute mile pace.
  • There is an aid station with at least one porta-potty approximately every 1.5 miles
  • Like the Women’s half, a charm is included as part of the medal so you ladies can keep growing those charm bracelets
  • The swag bag is over a $50 value and contains Socks!  I hate showing up to a race….that I paid a lot of money for…. and find that their advertised “super awesome swag bag” is filled with flyers and one packet of energy gel.  The Feetures socks alone make this swag bag awesome!
  • They offer both women’s and unisex size shirts.  I remember being so excited about my first half marathon.  I was just starting my weight loss journey and couldn’t wait to wear the shirt I had worked so hard to earn.  I was devastated to learn that my XL finishers shirt was about two sizes too small.   We all know that women’s sizes run small so I am super glad they offered the unisex option!
  • The finish line!  first of all, there is wine….need I say more?  But if you are not a wine lover like me, there is also live music, recovery yoga, post race messages, and shopping!


I am most excited to announce that I have been selected as a 2015 ZOOMA ambassador and can offer you 10% off your registration!  Use discount code TONYA15 and save a little moolah but be sure to register soon because there are only 3,000 spots up for grabs!


The Coffee Marathon

The Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation department put together an awesome event as a way to get people active, explore local businesses, and do something they thought was impossible: Run a marathon (one leg at a time).

The idea is brilliant really!  The Coffee Marathon consists of 7 legs that total 26.2 miles; each leg starting and ending at a local coffee or tea shop.  After you complete the leg, the coffee shop signs your “coffee passport” and once you have completed all 7 legs you get a finisher’s Coffee cup made by great local artisans.

coffee marathon mug

coffee marathon mug bottom

M and I completed the race over several weekends  doing one or two legs at a time and had a blast!  I love that it moved me out of my running comfort zone and into neighborhoods I have never explored.





I had a blast and really hope they are planning on recreating the event next year!



Did you complete The Coffee Marathon?


Does your community offer anything like it?