Speedwork for Beginners – Hill Repeats

Hill repeats…they sound scary right? Never fear, they are only as scary as you make them.  Hill repeats, like all workouts, can be modified to fit anyone’s needs. Suicide hill repeats are a great way to get started and this great article outlines why you should really be doing them.  These repeats are similar to the drills you may have done at soccer practice or in gym class.

First of all, you need to find a hill.

If you are just starting out, you probably want one like this:

 mtsu hill

If you are an old pro you might want one more like this:

tiger hill

The other thing you need are markers to run to: cones, waterbottles, really any household item will do.  Walk up the hill, placing markers a third of the way up, two thirds of the way up, and at the top.

Hill Repeat Workout
Run/walk: Walk down the hill instead of jogging
Walk: Powerwalk up the hill and take it easy comming back down

Now, get out there this week and try it out!


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