Speed Work – Week 1

Since I am trying to get my running fitness back after my epic two month break, I am incorporating 1 weekly speed workout in each week.


This week was a tough one because I had several extra appointments scheduled into my week and the only time I could squeeze in a little speed work was at 6:00 am (because let’s face it, I won’t do it after work). It’s still pitch black outside that early so I sucked it up and hit the dreadmill.


I had just over an hour to get in and out of the gym so I planned out a 35 minute workout and tried to make it really count. The workout was a fartlek run with progressive 2 minute intervals. The workout below is my current pace but it can easily be adjusted to be slower or faster.




It seriously kicked my butt – but in a good way. I left the gym feeling energized and accomplished. The best part – after work, I can collapse onto the couch because I already got my workout out of the way.


Do you prefer to workout in the morning or the evening?


What is your favorite speed workout?

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