Nacho Fastest Runners do Ragnar

I had a blast running my 3rd Ragnar Tennessee this weekend!

As per usual….mainly because I always apparently have to have some form of stress in my life….we got our first runner to the start with only one minute to spare.  I ran over to the announcer, signed us in, and she was off!
We then realized we had sent our runner out without a headlamp so we rushed to the van and found her on the course…..headlamp restored!

We met up with van two and had to get a group selfie

Had some awesome handoffs

And had some unusual scenery

I got my first ever kill….it only took three Ragnars

This is still the best sign ever!

When Van 1 finished we celebrated with food and lots of coffee!

Hung around and waited on van 2

Then we partied!

And another Ragnar is in the books!


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