I Made That On Pinterest – Sweet Potato Kale and Quinoa Fritters

You have all seen the many Pinterest fail memes going around the interwebs.


Source and even more pinterest fails.


I’m sure you have also seen things like low calorie black bean brownies and thought “that can’t possibly be as good as it looks!”


Trust me, they weren’t!


Soooooo……I have decided to start a new series called I Made That On Pinterest.


Each IMTOP post will feature a recipe that I found on Pinterest and tried to re-create. Success or failure, good or bad, I will give you the brutally honest truth!


We have a ton of sweet potatoes left from the
Last of the farmer’s market hauls that are on the verge of spoiling.



Since I hate throwing things away, I have been forced to get creative. Seriously, I am surprised that I haven’t turned orange! I did what anyone would do and turned to pinterest to find recipes I could use them in because you can only eat so many baked sweet potatoes.  So,  I decided to try these sweet potato, quinoa, and kale fritters.


I baked mine since I don’t usually fry things and I used the vegan flax egg option since I’m allergic to eggs.



The verdict! Really good! As a matter of face, they were even better the next day after warming in the oven. I highly recommend you try them and definitely use the Sriracha topping the recipe recommends.


Do you have any Pinterest recipes you have been dying to try but are afraid to make? Want me to try them out on the blog? Drop a comment and I will add them to my list!

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