Comming back from injury

I have never been one to do anything half way.  I’m an “all or nothing” kind of girl.  This attitude is how I approached my first marathon.  I trained according to plan and a few weeks into training I though “why not register for another!”  The first marathon (Rock N Roll New Orleans) went great.  In hindsight, scheduling a second marathon three months after my first was probably not the best idea.  I realized the training for the second marathon was not going well,  but when I commit to something, I commit!  I did complete the second marathon, dragging myself across the finish line, and had a nice little hip injury as a souvenir.

Did I learn from my mistake?  Of course not!  As I was recovering and in physical therapy I registered for three more half marathons.

Physical therapy is going well and now I am about to start training sloooowwwly for the Women’s Half Marathon in September.  Hopefully I will be a little smarter this time.

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