Boston Strong

Today is Patriot’s day, the day the Boston Marathon is run each year, and I have a few friends who will be out on the streets of Boston today, living their dream.  I also know that there are many people in the country who will be re-living their worst nightmare.

I remember running the Country Music Half Marathon last year, only one week after the bombing in Boston.  Thousands of runners came out in the pouring rain, refusing to be detered by a horrific act; refusing to be afraid.  There was an eerie calm as those same thousands of runners held up their wrists (donning Boston Strong bracelets) and had a moment of silence to reflect on the previous week’s event.

cmm peace start

A year has passed and my local running store held a boston tribute run Saturday.  Quite a few runners and volunteers came together to run either 2.62 miles (representing the marathon distance) or 4.06 miles (the time the bombs went off).

photo 3

photo 1

photo 4

Rather than mourning, the mood was more one of rejoicing.  We rejoiced in our friends who are running the Boston Marathon today, the strong runner’s resolve, and the fact that we were able to run yet another day.  Take a moment today to just remember that no matter what is thrown at us, as runners, and human beings, we will persevere.

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