2017 New Year’s Resolutions

January is here and it’s once again time to set New Year’s resolutions!  Last year I decided I would set goals instead of making resolutions but this year I am all in!  In a word, 2016 kinda sucked but I am kicking its butt out the door and welcoming 2017 with a plate of cookies and a glass of wine!

2017 New Year’s Resolutions

  • Get my fitness back – I want to be back where I was 3 years ago: 20 pounds lighter, wicked strong, and a 12 minute mile pace. I renewed my gym membership for another year so I might as well use it
  • Fit into my skinny clothes –  I have an entire section of my closet that I no longer wear.  Ok, so maybe I still “fit” in them, but just because I CAN wear something doesn’t mean I SHOULD.
  • Read 35 books – follow me on goodreads to see my progress in the 2017 Reading Challenge
  • Make more time for me – I started on this one last year but I could do better.  There will definitely be massages and geocaching!
  • Grow my own food –  I did some of this last year too and had a pretty productive garden – until the squash bugs moved in.  That’s it squash bugs, the war is on!
  • Organize my finances – this applies to both personal and business.  I always “get it done” but I hope to keep up with everything on a weekly basis instead of my usual every other month marathon session.
  • Tighten the budget – My current car has 203,000 miles on it and a I will need another one in the near future so I have to either tighten the purse strings or make more money…or both…both would be nice!
  • Improve my Spanish – I started this one in 2016 and want to continue it.  I think there is a lot of value in speaking another language and I hope to continue to improve.  So far, I can buy pan dulce in Spanish…for the win!


What are your resolutions?

Do you have the same passion for pan dulce as I do?

Any good book recommendations?

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