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A Year of 30 Day Challenges

I don’t know about you, but my 2015 sucked big time!  A lot of personal stuff went down that I am not going to share on the blog, but I spent the entire year balancing work, multiple doctors appointments, hospital visits, buying a house, moving, and a lot of other crap. Hopefully this explains my blog silence…If I even have any readers left.


Life did open my eyes to a few things though and I learned several lessons along the way.


  1. I have several really good friends.  I’m not talking about going out for coffee friends.  I’m talking “put everything aside to come take out my dog….give up your Saturday off to take a very tough day trip with me…spend hours on the phone calming me down…call all of your friends and get them to do ME a favor because you have to work” friends.  These people know who they are and for them  I am truly grateful!
  2. I have a number of people who I thought were friends that are actually acquaintances.  These people didn’t do anything wrong.  They just weren’t there for me like the people in life lesson number one were.
  3. There are many more important things in life than career, money, and my blog.  Family and friends come first and the other stuff sometimes just has to wait.


With so many life changes on the table, I thought about quitting my blog.  I decided however, that I will give it another year, but as my life has drastically changed, my blog probably will too.  I will still write about running, and food, but I am also giving myself permission to write anything I want…nothing is off limits.


Enter 2016…


I spent most of 2015 in survival mode so in addition to other responsibilities, my fitness got sidelined as well.  While I maintained a relatively healthy diet, my fitness level seriously declined and I gained a few pounds.  As I watched many of my friends post their New Year’s resolutions, and talk about doing all sorts of different 30 day challenges, I though to myself: “what if I did a different 30 day challenge every month for an entire year?” And, since I am an all or nothing kind of gal, the Facebook group A Year of 30 Day Challenges was born.  Several friends jumped on board to do the journey with me and you can too!  The first challenge is the 30-Day Walking Challenge by Leslie Sansone.  You can chose your own level and join in the fun!


Of course, as they say, “Man plans, God laughs.”  The night before Christmas eve, I fell down the stairs and broke my foot, elbow, and wrist…because apparently I am an overachiever….but I am still doing the best I can to reach my goals, so come along for the journey and get the fittest you’ve ever been too!


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