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What Irony and A New 10K PR!

Yesterday I wrote this post about how to transition into running in the heat and this morning mother nature played a cruel prank on Tennessee by giving us wind chills in the 20s with a freeze warning overnight…just after I put all of my winter running gear away…sigh.

Before the anticipated April 15 Tax Day freeze (I’m sure the IRS is somehow involved), I managed to snag myself a new 10K Personal Record on a rather hot day at the Purity Dairy Dash. I haven’t run a 10K in over a year so I was really hoping I could pull out a new fast time.  My previous PR was a 1: 24 so I was really hoping for a 1:20.  I was pretty relaxed at the start line.  Against my better judgement, I decided to wear my hydration belt so I could carry water.  I didn’t think I would need it but boy was I wrong.  As much as I hate racing with it, that water bottle was my saving grace on a hot day with very few water stops along the course.

I stuck to my 2:1 intervals and tried not to push myself too hard in the beginning and by mile 3, I was feeling pretty good so I started to pick up my run pace just a bit.  By mile 5 I knew the PR was in the bag so the new question was by how much?  I dumped a cup of water over my head at the 5.25 mile water stop and really pushed to the end and was totally shocked when I realized I had run a 1:16:58!  More than 7 minutes off of my time!  WAHOOO!  Then as I got to the car I hung my head as I realized, its going to be pretty hard to beat this new time…#runnerproblems.


This Week’s Training

The Countdown: 463 down, 1,731 to go

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 3 miles
Thursday – 3.5 miles
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Dairy Dash 10K
Sunday – Rest


Tips To Keep Cool As The Temps Rise

During Saturday morning’s 10k I experienced the first warm temperatures of the season and boy did it impact my performance.  As the summer months approach, we have to begin the transition from the “winter of the polar vortex” to the blazing heat and humidity that is the south.

As you are begining this transition, start slowly.  Try to get out early in the morning before the temperature starts to climb but if you absolutely have to run in the afternoon, give yourself permission to slow down a little.  You will slowly begin to adjust to the warmer temperatures but it will not happen overnight.

Drink lots of water!  If you don’t own a hand held water bottle or hydration belt, I would recommend you get one ASAP.  Sure, you don’t NEED one, and you can carry a plastic bottle with you but there is the likelyhood of you dropping it, losing the lid, tossing it in the trash because its driving you crazy…just me then?  You can often find hand held bottles, and hydration belts at stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx, but if you are forced to pay full price, it is still totally worth it!

Don’t forget the sunscreen.  I know, I know, this is a totally obvious one…and yet…I get at least one sunburn a summer because I was half asleep getting ready for my run forgot to put on suncreen.  Don’t be like me!  Wear suncreen and don’t forget the tops of your ears and lips! (I’m not kidding, this was taken yesterday)

photo (3)

Get as naked as possible.  Try to wear light weight breatheable clothing.  Investing in a couple of technical shirts is a good idea since they wick away moisture keeping you cool and dry.  Most races have switched from cotton T-shirts to tech shirts so you may already have a few.

and finally…Don’t forget to have fun.  Remember how much fun it was to run through the water sprinklers as a kid?  Hey, run through any sprinklers you see on your run…I won’t tell!  then go home and cool off with some Ice Cream.

photo (2)