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A tale of two races…part 1!

Time to play catch up.  I have now completed two of the three races I have been training for, so with only Ragnar left, I thought I would catch you guys up.

The Women’s Half (2010) was my first half marathon and I have run it every year since.  This year however, was the first year that I decided to stay in the host hotel the night before instead of make the 45 minute drive on race morning.  The hotel was comfortable and the staff amazing!

After an amazing meal of Noble Farms Mac N Cheese from Amerigo’s seasonal menu (seriously, if you haven’t tried this you must go out and get some right now) I went back to my hotel, got my clothes ready, and was in bed by 9:00.  Score!


Unfortunately, there was a big concert the night before the race which ended with 30 minutes of fireworks at midnight.  Hello? Yes, I’m awake now!  Grrrrrrr….Anyway, I managed to go back to sleep….eventually.

Race day morning I headed to the start line to hit the port-a-potties and meet up with the girls.  My friend E and I decided we were going to run together.  She really wanted to finish as close to three hours as possible and I wanted to take it easy and use the race as a training run.


At the start….ready to get our run on.

The race was great as usual!  I felt strong the entire way through.  E had some cramping in her leg but she was a champ and pushed through.  She finished in 3:07 knocking a whopping 9 minutes off of her previous PR!

The medals were the size of my face!


I think the best part of the race was the fact that I had absolutely no foot pain!  This was the first race I have run in my new shoes…these are definitely winners!

All work and no play makes Tonya a very bad blogger…

It seems that working two jobs, preparing for a solo recital, and training for three rather big races leaves absolutely no time for blogging!

Between work, practice, rehearsals, and training, I have been regularly pulling 14 hour days.  By the time I finally get home, I barely have the energy to make tomorrow’s lunch and shower before going to bed.  Writing coherent thoughts in complete sentences has been impossible.  I have been training though!  And I even ran the first of the three races!  The Women’s Half Marathon was a strong race for me (recap to hopefully come later this week) and I look forward to my second half this weekend!

Never fear, my recital is tomorrow night and I will once again have the time to fill you in on every detail of my running life.