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WIAW No. 3


Started the morning off with some carbs and protein.  Greek Yogurt with granola, bacon, and a bran muffin with a little pumpkin spice cream cheese.

blog breakfast blog breakfast 2

Lunch was once again in the car – Leftover pizza, grapes, amazeballs, and chocolate chip cookies

Blog lunch

This pizza is from a mom and pop place down the street from my house called Sauce.  It has a pesto sauce with chicken and veggies and is amazing!  There were actually two pieces, but I missed my snack this moring and was starving so I gobbled one down before I took the photo!

I decided for dinner I needed to catch up on some green stuff so I had a salad, asparagus, salmon, and risotto.

blog dinner 1blog dinner 2


Please forgive the ugly paper plates.  I am currently preparing for a big recital and M is in the midst of marching band season which means we are never home.  The dishes were getting out of control so it will be paper plates for the month of September.  I know, I know… I am definitely hanging my head in shame as I am contributing to the landfill problem and killing the environment but hey…a girls got to do what a girls got to do.



Half Training Week 9


Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 5 miles 

Wednesday: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Thursday: Speed Work  Ladder (200, 400, 600, 800, 600, 400, 200) – 3 miles total

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 11 miles

Sunday: 1.5 mile walk with Moose

Tuesday I got off work early enough to actually get to run with the group so I headed out Tuesday morning, running clothes in tow.  Enter thunderstorms…the group run got called off due to lightening.  The real kicker was that by the time the group run would have started, the sky had completely cleared.  I was not looking forward to 5 miles alone after a long day of work so I decided to mix it up an use a new app that I heard about, Zombies, Run!  It is basically a game that talks you through your “mission” while you get chased by zombies…the five miles flew by and it was totally worth $2 solely for the entertainment factor.  

It had been a very stressful week and I needed to get focused and unwind so Wednesday, I headed to yoga class.  I catch the same class at the local Y every Wednesday, between jobs, and was really looking forward to it.  Unfortunately, I got to class and realized we had a sub.  Don’t get me wrong, the sub we had is a really good teacher and I like her class but lately the Y has been bad about classes ending late.  More often than not, yoga starts 10 minutes late because the class before it holds over.  The regular yoga teacher knows that I can’t stay late and ends the class on time but the sub held over…as in she was no where near savasana when 1:00 rolled around and I had pack up and leave, so instead of leaving in a peacful and relaxed mindset, I was irritated and kind of wished I had skipped the class alltogether and taken and nap instead…grrr.

Thursday was a ladder workout at the track, and it was brutal.  I hit most of my assigned times and I was super excited that my last 200 was 1 second faster than my 1st!  We ended with a core workout that included lots of plank…in short…it sucked!

Saturday had 11 miles on the calendar.  M convinced me to run the Dairy Hill Stampede 5k (more on that later) so I got up early to get in a couple of miles before the race started.  I ran the very hilly race and then finished another 6 (rather hilly) miles in my neighborhood.  Finishing at Starbucks of course, to get my free birthday drink.

Did I mention it was my birthday this last week?  M made the most amazing cupcakes for me!

blog cupcake

By the time Sunday got here, by body was really feeling the combination of speed work, hills, and general life stress.  I decided it was in my best interest to sleep in and get my run in later.  Sunday evening, I was still feeling beat up so my five mile run turned into a 1.5 mile walk with Moose.  I needed the rest and am feeling much better now….sometimes you just have to wave the white flag and move on.

Do classes at your gym ever start late?

Was my irritation at missing savasana unnecessary?

I did send an email to the director but got no reply.  I’m not sure wny I bothered though because I have filled out comment cards in the past but nothing has changed.