Monthly Archives: April 2013

Taking it back to the mat

I haven’t said much about myself except that I used to be a few sizes bigger and I like to run so I might as well start now.  I am an adjunct music professor at a university – which pretty much means I am overworked, underpaid, and have to maintain a large private music studio in addition to my work at the university just to maintain a lower-middle class lifestyle.  Quite frankly, I could probably get a job at a popular coffee chain, work less, get paid more, and even get benefits!  Unfortunately, I love my job so no coffee shop for me just yet.

The last few weeks of classes are winding down and every year around this time, my work life gets overwhelming and I have to deal with a lot of stress.  For me, this means I rarely get a good night’s sleep and down lots of coffee just to get through the day.  Adding to the stress, they have not yet turned on the a/c in the building (even though it is in the 80s) and my office is boiling!  Yesterday, I was so exhausted that I canceled everything scheduled in the afternoon (including my training session and my run) and went home and tried to take a nap.  The napping was unsuccessful but I did get to rest a little.  

I kept going back and forth as to whether I should go to yoga class.  I knew my body was tired but I also knew it was very tense.  I decided that a yoga class certainly couldn’t hurt and decided to go.  The class was tough for me but as the sweat started to drip and I focused on my breath, everything else went away.  I focused only on the practice, let everything else go and by the end of class felt so much better!  

I still had a rough night’s sleep but It was better than the last few and my body is still not very happy with me.   I keep reminding myself that I only have to deal with this kind of stress for a couple more weeks and until then, I will try to remember to stop and breathe.

Finding Balance?

Ok, so lately I have been in a funk and I’m really not sure why.  I had a nice quiet Easter weekend with a couple of days to totally relax and yet I just can’t seem to shake this roller coaster I’m on.

I had last friday off and decided to catch a yoga class with one of my favorite teachers, but I had a really tough time getting through the class – I’m sure that it was in part due to the killer spin class I had the day before. Instead of taking it easy and backing off in some of the poses, I let my ego get in the way and ended up leaving the class frustrated.

Saturday I woke up and headed out for my long run.  I was hoping to get in between 9 and 11 miles but I realized after only 3 that my legs were not feeling that great.  I managed to finish 7.25 before I finally gave up and went home.  I knew I needed a rest day so I spent Sunday sitting around the house being completely unproductive – ok, I may have done some laundry but mostly unproductive.

Yesterday I got in a great 3 miles, did a strength circuit with my trainer, and had a great yoga class, but today, once again I just feel exhausted.  Maybe I am overtraining, but I love the workouts that I am doing.  I know I need to find balance between running, yoga, and a career but I’m just not sure how to do it.